Rough Opal

About The OpalSmith

The Opalsmith began nearly 40 years ago when my wife and I attended our first rock and gem show. Having been fascinated with gems and minerals as youngsters, this event changed everything. A few years before, I had thrown together a home made cabbing setup using a washing machine motor and sanding discs fabricated out of plywood and carbide sanding cloth on which I had been cutting agates and jasper we collected on our hunts.

At the show, we stopped by at a booth offering rough opal, the first I had seen of this extraordinary gem in it’s natural state. I was completely enthralled. I bought a piece, grey with color bands showing on the edge and took it home to see what was inside. As I sanded off the top of the stone, red and green fire began jumping out at me and nothing would ever be the same again. This miraculous stone is one of God’s finest creations in my opinion, with it’s endless variations of colors and patterns never being the same twice, it’s truly magical and there is no other gemstone on earth that compares to it.

It wasn’t long before we were studying to hone our craft and buying more rough opal to cut and make into jewelry. Today, I am proud to say that we are one of the few custom jewelry designers in the USA, hand fabricating our pieces and specializing in quality Australian opal.

We would love to share with you, the uparalleled beauty of opal and many other rare gemstones we cut and build into fascinating pieces of wearable art.