Gem Triplet Opal Pendant OPCR-18

The quality of this 14 x 10 mm Top Gem Triplet Opal is no longer available today. With fabulous colors shifting from red, blue, violet and more, it is simply dazzling. This sterling silver pendant measures one inch high by one half inches wide over all.


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Gem Triplet Opal Pendant OPCR-18

Description of Gem Triplet Opal Pendant OPCR-18

Top gem triplet opals are increasingly rare as the mines are not producing high quality opal as they did in the past. The opal that is used to create these gems, when it was available, was selling for $5,000 to $6,000 per ounce. Today, the triplet cutters are having to go to individuals who have hoarded this top gem material from years ago and now want a fortune for it. If you decide to purchase one of these incredible stones, you have made a wise choice and a good investment.